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New solutions for smart bicycle lanes

We are seeking innovators to submit solutions, which utilize and/or interact with a smart cycle lane and add value for cyclists. 

  • industry innovation and infrastructure
  • sustainable cities and communities
  • climate change

Lahti promotes zero carbon mobility 

Lahti’s vision is to thrive internationally as a bold environmental city for people and businesses. Smart and sustainable transportation solutions and attractive public transport are actively promoted. 

Currently, around one-third of the city’s CO2 emissions originate from traffic where private cars play a crucial role. However, cycling is becoming increasingly popular and it represents 9 to 18 per cent of all mobility, depending on the season. 

What is the challenge about?

The starting point of the innovation call is a smart cycle lane which is to be planned and built as part the CitiCAP project (from Apilakatu to Lahti Travel Centre). The innovators are invited to suggest solutions which utilize and/or interact with the smart cycle lane and add value for cyclists. The solutions can relate to traffic control and safety, smooth cycling, maintenance, lighting, bike parking or the use of mobility data, for example. In addition, the solutions should be sufficiently advanced and suitable for a pilot scheme.

The description of the solution must answer the following questions:

  • What problem does the innovation solve?
  • How does the solution promote the construction of a safe and advanced smart cycle lane?
  • How suitable is the solution for cold climate?
  • How can the solution be integrated into the local transport and urban structure? 
  • What benefits does the solution bring in relation to costs?
  • Description of the piloting team and resources: Expertise, experience and other resources required for the pilot
  • What kind of technical support does the solution require from the pilot area?
  • What are the estimated costs of the pilot?

The object of the call is the cycling route from Apilakatu to the Lahti Travel Centre, with a total distance of approximately 2.5 km.

The City of Lahti gives the winning ideas the chance to pilot their product/service in an urban environment. The pilot projects are purchased from the selected companies. The service price must be less than EUR 5,000/pilot.

The ideas are judged by a jury. Service providers are welcome to present their ideas to the jury on 15 August 2018. The ideas are either approved for the pilot programme or rejected. 

Any intellectual property rights remain with the service providers. The providers may use the pilot projects as references. The results of the pilots and projects are made available to the public.

The CitiCAP project (Citizens’ cap and trade co-created)

Lahti is continuously improving its cycling infrastructure and is seeking innovative solutions and promoting businesses which are inspired and motivated by low carbon and smart mobility. For that purpose, EU’s Urban Innovative Actions initiative granted EUR 4.7 million to Lahti. The starting point of the innovation call is a smart cycle lane which is to be planned and built as part the CitiCAP EU project (from Apilakatu to Lahti Travel Centre). 


The competition will start on 3 April 2018.

The competition will end on 30 June 2018.

Ideas are to be presented to the jury on 15 August 2018.


There is no set format for the solution entries, and participants may describe their idea using text, and images, for example. The concept and evaluation criteria must be easily identifiable in the materials. The maximum length of an entry is four pages.

The innovation call is open to everyone, from private individuals and groups to companies.

All innovation call entries will be treated as confidential. The only part of the innovation call entries that will be made public will be a 3 000 -character description written by the participant. The creator of an innovation call entry will retain all rights to the entry. If any proposals submitted to the call are utilised at a later date, they will be acquired using existing procurement procedures.


Essi Artima-Sulkinoja, Business Development Manager, Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd

Petri Honkanen, Head of Land Survey, City of Lahti

Anna Huttunen, Project Manager, City of Lahti

Kristiina Kartimo, Transport Engineer, City of Lahti

Katja Suhonen, Public Transport Planner, City of Lahti

Kalle Vaismaa, Expert in Urban Development, WSP Finland

Saara Vauramo, Environmental Director, City of Lahti 



Essi Artima-Sulkinoja
Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd
+358 4144 095,

The innovation challenge receives part of its funding from the EU’s Urban Innovative Actions initiative.

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Map of the area

The cycling route from Apilakatu to the Lahti Travel Centre